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What began as RACE TO THE BALLOT—an unprecedented multimedia and outreach campaign empowering college-aged North Carolinians and others to become grassroots activists against Amendment One during the May 2012 election—is now Equality NC’s ongoing election year initiative to mobilize the state’s fair-minded youth to help elect pro-equality candidates and pass LGBT-friendly legislation.

Through events, activism and online engagement, the RACE TO THE BALLOT campaign harnesses all of Equality NC’s organizing, social and multimedia resources to empower Equality NC’s Student Ambassadors [link] to educate, engage and activate our state’s youngest voters.

Become a Student Ambassador and RACE

The first step to RACE to the ballot is becoming a student leader for Equality. Pledge to never stop fighting for Equality on your campus and sign up today to become an Equality NC student ambassador.

Join the RACE Online

Promote RACE-based events online by sharing online content meant to educate, activiate and engage young voters, and take part in competitions between campuses “connected” to your own student and campus Facebook and Twitter streams.

Get Social with the RACE

Partnering with social media channels, we’ll continually promote your pro-Equality activities, including your own RACE-content, fundraising and organiznig opportunities, and local outreach and events surrounding your school or campus RACE TO THE BALLOT. Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter

Support the RACE

Help support the effort to engage North Carolina’s youngest voters for pro-LGBT projects.

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