2014 Equality Gala VIP Reception

For the first time, the 2014 Equality NC Foundation Gala is proud to offer a VIP Reception for our Gala guests.

This exclusive VIP reception - preceding the 2014 Equality Gala - kicks-off at 5 p.m. from the beautiful home of landscape architect Chip Callaway (120 E Fisher Ave, Greensboro, NC). Entry to the VIP reception, affords you:

  • streamlined pre-registration for the 2014 Equality Gala (check in and avoid the wait!)
  • an array of delicious cocktails and appetizers
  • exclusive meet and greets with available 2014 Equality Champions as well as keynote speaker, former NFL star Wade Davis.

More about Chip Calloway

Photo by Lissa Gotwals (for Garden & Gun)

Landscape architect Chip Callaway's Southern designs are a study in living history 
by Logan Ward (for Garden & Gun)

Chip Callaway crunches across the pea gravel driveway between the pair of Greensboro, North Carolina, bungalows he calls home and office. Peering out through round tortoiseshell glasses, the smiling teddy bear of a man pauses to identify plants, tossing out Latin names, recalling the wheres and whens of plant after plant, his stories ordering the lovely chaos. “This one I dug up by the side of the road,” he says, bending and tugging on a shaggy candlelike stalk rising from a fuzzy head of leaves. “Over there,” he says, pointing to a spiky canelike plant, “is Elizabeth Lawrence’s ginger.” It was presented to him by the ladies of the Wilson, North Carolina, garden club, one of four cuttings from four prominent local gardeners, each one a plant they themselves had received from Lawrence, author of the classic A Southern Garden, first published in 1942. He calls these heritage plants—heirlooms with a personal connection. ¶ Every plant in Chip Callaway’s garden is a link to the past. To hear him tell their stories is to experience deeper currents of beauty and meaning beneath the bright colors and pleasing shapes. Read More >>>

Questions? Contact Melissa Cartwright at melissa@equalitync.org or 919-829-0343 x117.

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