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Oct 10, 2012

Equality NC Action Fund Announces Pro-Equality Phone Banks in Durham

In 2011, anti-equality legislators targeted the LGBT community by putting Amendment One on the ballot. Now it’s time to return the favor.

Equality NC Action Fund today announced all-new opportunities to help pro-equality candidates defeat anti-LGBT politicians, including phone banks from downtown Durham every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening, from now until Election Day, November 6, 2012.

All across NC, there are extremely close legislative races where a few hundred phone calls could make the difference between a pro-equality candidate and anti-equality candidate.our supporters in Durham and Orange counties – counties that voted overwhelmingly against Amendment One – to pick up the phone and work to defeat the same legislators who put the rights of a minority group up for majority vote.

Equality NC Action Fund is encouraging fair-minded North Carolinians to volunteer just one evening between now and November, to make a difference in the outcome of this all-important election year.

CLICK HERE to sign up online for Durham phone banks and share with friends, family and online followers.

"As you know, at Equality NC we are big believers in putting our shared efforts exactly where it will do the most good. This phone bank fits the bill," said Stuart Campbell, executive director of Equality NC. "VOLUNTEER TODAY and meet other people who have pledged to never stop fighting for Equality."

Want to do even more? DONATE NOW to Equality NC Action Fund’s payback challenge so together we can support the pro-equality candidates who support all North Carolinians.

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