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Nov 15, 2014

Equality NC Responds to Death of Gay Veteran

GREENSBORO, N.C. (Nov. 15, 2014) -- Equality NC responded today to the death of a gay veteran from injuries he sustained in a brutal attack last weekend. A suspect in the crime is being held by police after an aggravated assault in the early morning hours of Nov. 9 in a downtown hotel. Police say the attack on the victim, whom the suspect met at a local gay bar, is not being considered a hate crime.

The victim, Stephen White, passed away on Nov. 15.

Equality NC's executive director Chris Sgro issued the following statement:

"Stephen White's death is a tragic loss for the Greensboro community and North Carolina. Our thoughts and prayers remain with Stephen's family," said Sgro. "Equality NC promises to follow this investigation closely to ensure that it is thorough and justice is served."

Sgro added, "The loss of a community member is always tragic, but this loss is unacceptable. As a fellow citizens of Greensboro, my husband Ryan and I mourn tonight and stand in solidarity with the LGBT community in Greensboro."

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