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Apr 3, 2014

Equality NC Joins Other NC LGBT Organizations to Examine Impact of Central Piedmont Community College’s Policies on Transgender Students

Officials with Central Piedmont Community College released a statement today saying they are investigating an alleged incident of discrimination against a transgender student. The college, the statement reads, wants an “amicable resolution” with the student and is also examining its policies and procedures.

“Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) is an open-door, open-access institution of learning, and we are proud of its rich diversity,” the statement from Public Information Officer Jeff Lowrance reads. “CPCC has a 50-year history of being fair, respectful and considerate of all students. The College does not tolerate harassment of any kind.”

Equality NC is now one of several organizations working to assist the college's reexamination of its non-discrimination policies.

“In my ongoing conversations with President Dr. Tony Zeiss, it is clear that CPCC is taking the first steps to make sure that the college’s policies afford transgender students the safety, dignity, and respect they deserve," said Chris Sgro, Equality NC's executive director.

While we understand discussions are ongoing between the administration of Central Piedmont Community College and the student, as part of this effort with other pro-equality organizations to work with Central Piedmont Community College’s administration, it will be Equality NC’s goal to not only broaden protections for LGBT students at CPCC, but take this opportunity to reevaluate what all of North Carolina’s colleges, community colleges, and universities can do to protect LGBT North Carolinians.”

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