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Friendly LGBTQ Caller Program

Are you an LGBTQ person who is interested in forging intergenerational connections and community?

RYE 2.0 Fellow Gray Rodgers is organizing the Friendly LGBTQ Caller Project in order to build bridges to intergenerational community.

This program matches members of the LGBTQ community from all walks of life for weekly phone calls to give and receive mutual social support, share meaningful dialogues, learn about intergenerational LGBTQ experiences and promote lasting intergenerational friendships.

  • Upon signing up you will receive an email with specifics about how to access the call line and how to schedule calls for your match.
  • Within two weeks upon sign up, you will be connected to an older or younger generation of the LGBTQ community for weekly calls.
  • Program time commitment is low (~30 min per week), but there are optional opportunities to meet and connect with all folks in the program through Zoom events.
  • Sign-ups for the first round of the program will end March 1st.

If you are LGBTQ person living in North Carolina, we welcome you to sign up for this opportunity to connect and build an intergenerational LGBTQ community.

You can sign up to join the Friendly LGBTQ Caller program below.

Information submitted on the above form will not be shared or distributed except for name/phone number with volunteer callers. Demographic information is optional to provide but encouraged to provide the best match. Upon completion of the form, you will receive more info via email and be paired with a friendly caller the following week.

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