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January 18 marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an annual day of service that celebrates the life and legacy of the late Civil Rights leader.

This year, MLK Day comes at a time of turmoil, crisis and pain for this country and for our communities. The rise of white supremacy in America and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have created a climate of immense suffering for our most vulnerable community members, many of whom spend each day fighting for their lives.

For this reason, Equality North Carolina Foundation is calling on our members and supporters to embody the spirit of Dr. King and join us in supporting the QTIPOC Survival Fund. This mutual aid effort provides resources for queer folks of color experiencing housing insecurity, food instability, medical needs or other issues impacting their survival or well-being.

Funds donated through this portal below will be given in full to the QTIPOC Survival Fund, who will then distribute them to our Black and Brown LGBTQ community members struggling to meet their own basic human needs.

We are all suffering in different ways right now, but those of us with less power, privilege and resources are literally fighting to stay alive within this cultural climate. Please, join us today in a true act of community support and help us honor the legacy of Dr. King by extending a hand to those who need it most.


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